Chief Modeling and Simulation Officer
Mr. Richard Tempalski, a Department of the Air Force (DAF) designated Highly Qualified Expert (HQE), serves as the Chief Modeling & Simulation Officer (CMSO). As the CMSO, he leads this newly established mission in overseeing DAF modeling and simulation investments, circa 3 Billion dollars, and opportunities while looking for optimization across the Enterprise. Tempalski engages with stakeholders in the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), academia, industry, federal agencies, and coalition partners, to identify, initiate, and revise policy, develop the workforce, and establish modeling and simulation (M&S) architecture standards. Mr. Tempalski is also leading the work to design a knowledge management system enabling re-use of resources, as well as developing an M&S certification mechanism for Major Defense Acquisition Programs in support of Milestone A reviews.

Mr. Tempalski has over 32 years’ experience in the U.S Department of Defense, with the majority being in the research and development (R&D) community, developing modeling and simulation capabilities, and creating systems and processes for advanced analytics. In addition to his experience in R&D, Tempalski served as an active duty officer in the Air Force and as an enlisted member in the U.S. Army Reserve.

Prior to assuming his current position as CMSO for the Department of the Air Force, Mr. Tempalski worked in the Adaptive Capabilities Office (ACO) within the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) as the Modeling and Simulation Program Manager, where he was responsible for development of M&S architectures enabling the vetting of novel, joint warfighting constructs. He also served in the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) as head of the Modeling & Simulation Division, where he executed and oversaw all aspects of the production and experimentation of verified and validated models. In addition to this role at ONI, Tempalski was principal for the Maritime GEOINT Intelligence Cell (MaGIC) and was instrumental in designing and building ONI’s Advanced Visualization Environment Laboratory. He also served as the Naval Intelligence liaison to Fleet Cyber Command, and as a senior engineer, enhancing modeling and simulation capability for threat-based systems. Mr. Tempalski holds a Master of Science in engineering management and technology management and a Bachelor of Science in electronics engineering.

Current as of July 2021
Division Chief
Lt Col Sutherlin is the Lead for Standards and Architectures in support of the Chief Modeling and Simulation Officer. In this position, he is responsible for leading establishment of M&S standards and architectures that maximize commonality, interoperability, and reusability to enable the DAF’s M&S ecosystem vision. With an enterprise vision, Maj Sutherlin synchronizes activities and fosters collaboration between DAF, OSD, other military services, industry, and international partners to advance M&S as a catalyst for rapidly delivering warfighter capability. In addition to supporting the CMSO, Maj Sutherlin is dual-hatted as the Program Director for Air Combat Command’s services portfolio overseeing the acquisition and execution of 48 contracts delivering $23 Billion in capabilities across 4 MAJCOMs in support of the Program Executive Officer for Combat and Mission Support. With 13 years of military service, Maj Sutherlin has held a variety of acquisitions positions. Prior to his current roles, he was the program manager for the ALQ-131A ACAT III and Angry Kitten Middle-Tier electronic attack pods programs while also leading a branch as the Chief of the Electronic Attack Programs at Robins Air Force base. While at Wright Patterson, Maj Sutherlin supported AFLCMC as a sensors engineer on the Air Superiority 2030 Enterprise Capability Collaboration Team’s experimentation activities and an Analysis of Alternatives for Air Combat Command. While at the Air Force Research Laboratory, he was the Chief Engineer for the XQ-58 Joint Capability Technology Demonstrator. Maj Sutherlin also spent time at Eglin Air Force Base as a flight test engineer on the F-15, F-16, C-130, and CV-22. Maj Sutherlin has a MS in Systems Engineering from the Air Force Institute of Technology and a BS in Aeronautics Engineering from Embry-Riddle.
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Technical Director
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Workforce Development
Synthetic Environments Lead

CMSO Liaison Office @ Wright-Patt Air Force Base
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Director & CMSO Advisor
Mr. Sean Litton
Deputy Director
Mr. Sean Litton serves as the deputy for Air Force Enterprise Modeling and Simulation under the Strategic Planning, Development and Experimentation (SDPE) at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. He also supports the Chief Modeling and Simulation Officer (CMSO) through the WPAFB liaison office.

Mr. Litton has worked in the DoD for over 20 years in the areas of test and evaluation, research and engineering, and modeling and simulation. Mr. Litton has served in the capacity of system engineer, test engineer, program manager, and senior engineer. Mr. Litton holds a MS in mechanical engineering and a BS in applied physics.
Technical Advisors
Dr. Jamieson Gump
Air Force Research Laboratory
Dr Jim Gump, is the Senior Technical Advisor (STA) for Enterprise Modeling, Simulation and Analysis (MS&A) at the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL). He is charged with advancing the initial capabilities of the AFRL’s MS&A capabilities to drive multi-domain analysis in support of the development of transformational warfighting capabilities. The STA also serves as a senior advisor to Air and Space Force-wide, multi-disciplinary teams to develop and deliver enterprise-wide solutions for complex MS&A challenges via his support to the CMSO.

Prior to his current assignment he supported both JHU APL and the MITRE Corporation where he worked in the National Leadership Command Capability (NLCC) area. The NLCC includes senior leader and Nuclear C3 capabilities fully integrated to support our national leaders. In addition, extensive development work on the nation’s premier NC3 simulation environment.

Prior to these assignments he cofounded Paradigm Technologies Inc, a successful engineering firm, considered an industry leader in modeling and simulation and C4ISR systems. While managing PTI for 20 years supported the full range of Air Force and Joint M&S programs. He gained extensive DOD acquisition expertise while supporting a wide range of Air Force systems from ACAT I to III programs. He is also an experienced military intelligence officer having served nearly 20 years in the army reserves.

Dr Gump has a recent (2017) PhD in Systems Engineering from GWU, MS in Engineering Mgmt and a BS in Electrical engineering.
Dr. Gerald Diaz
Space Force - Chief Technology Innovation Office
Dr Jerry Diaz is the Director for Analysis, Chief of Technology and Innovation Office (CTIO/S9), Office of the Chief of Space Operations, Pentagon, Washington, D.C.

As the Director for Analyses, he serves as key technical advisor to the SECAF, Chief of Space Operations (CSO), CSO Deputies, CSAF and HAF Deputy Chiefs of Staff and DAF space representative to the OSD, JCS and Congressional staffs regarding Space Force analytic and assessment efforts. Dr Diaz assists the highest-levels of Space Force in datadriven decisions by provide analytically driven insights that are meaningful, repeatable, and defensible. He supports the USSF Staff’s analytic needs by providing independent, objective, and relevant analytic-based insights in four primary areas: Human Capital Analytics, Operations, Strategy and Resources, and Technology & Innovation. Further, he leads the S9 to build coalitions to create common situational awareness to align, integrate, and synchronize the space analytic enterprise’s efforts to better address the CSO’s issues, close data gaps, and reduce redundancies to provide insightful Senior Leader products that are data driven, analytically sound, and based in strategy and lessons learned.

Dr Diaz has had a diverse career as an Operations Research Analyst and Mathematician. Before retiring as an AF Colonel, he served as Department Head Mathematical Sciences, US Air Force Academy; Chief Analyst and then the Director, Resource Analyses for HQ AF/A9 Air Forces Studies and Analyses Agency; and as the Director, Office of Strategic Analyses, U.S. Embassy, Baghdad, Iraq. After retiring he joined the Homeland Security Institute (HSI) – the Federally Funded Research & Development Center for the Department of Homeland Security. As an HSI Fellow and Manager, he led HSI’s largest division directing operational analyses for DHS Hqs, the Transportation Safety Administration, U.S. Coast Guard, Customs and Border Protection, Domestic Nuclear Detection Office, and U.S. Secret Service. He returned to the AF in 2011 as the AF Office of Aerospace Studies Tech Advisor for Analysis of Alternatives (AoAs) HQ AF/A5R, and then Chief, HR Data, Analytics, & Decision Support Division, HQ AF/A1X. Dr Diaz joined the US Space Force in February of 2020